Industrial alpinism

Industrial alpinism- is a special technology work at the industrial, office and other buildings and facilities at which the work area is achieved using the technique of industrial alpinism. Fast and highly cost-effective alternative to industrial stairs , aerial lifts and other build lifts.

Industrial Alpinism at company Clean Pak is a high-altitude work using equipment for washing windows, cleaning facades ,facade works (coloring,lighting) and seam sealing. Brigade of industrial climbers perform complex washing of any vertical, horizontal, inclined hard surfaces of the building, cleaning windows and advertisements , sealing joints, rise to a height non oversized cargo.

To clean the surface of the facade , are used washing using modern technologies and detergents. The specific form of cleaner facades and its concentration is selected depending on the nature of the surface – glass , aqlai stone, brick, steel or aluminum structures.

Advantages of work on washing windows and facades: