General cleaning

General cleaning - is the competent use of special technology, professional equipment, special detergents in order to achieve the highest level of purity.
This type of service mainly-are : cleaning of apartments, cleaning houses, cottages, cleaning of offices, as well as industrial cleaning of industrial objects.

Cleaning of houses and apartments - is the service of individuals` faces. The range of household cleaning includes cleaning the room, as well as cleaning the kitchen and bathroom cleaning. 
The office cleaning includes the cleaning service appointments, the cleaning for serving, as well as the cleaning service corridors of the office. 

General cleaning of premises is carried out once or periodically (weekly, monthly).
General cleaning service is also recommended after the fixing, construction and other engineering - technical maintenance. It has feature of a deep level of cleaning elements of the object.
The general cleaning service works remove stubborn dirt and creates a kind of general renovated premises.