About us

``CLEAN PAK LLC`` has been a well-known company among consumers and cleaning professionals for more than 10 years , which solves the problems associated with cleaning, in a short period of time.

Our company is characterized by a complex relation to solving problems, the big ownership of the material and technical base, using advanced technology, ecological-chemicals and detergents.
Most important highlight of ``CLEAN PAK LLC`` is - introduction to the Azerbaijani market innovations recognized in the world in the cleaning sphere.
``CLEAN PAK LLC``is the first company that introduced into cleaning sphere of Azerbaijan, applications of nanotechnology. Our company is based on the principles associated with the human factor, demand quality services, safety and health , is the only in Azerbaijan, which got the certifications ISO 9001 2008 and OHSAS 18001. Also, due to the stable development in the sphere of cleaning, ``CLEAN PAK LLC`` has been awarded with prizes such as `` The First`` i`` İlin Markası``.

Our company, with experienced professionals offer services such as industrial alpinism, cleaning of windows, the crystallization of marble, granite restoration services, cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture.

CLEAN PAK LLC``consistently providing cleaning services, seek customer satisfaction .

Cleanliness is HEALTH!!!!